5 Things to Love About French Doors and Windows

French doors and windows add an extra splash of elegance to any home and many offices and commercial buildings are realizing the unique difference they can make.  They add charm and give any space a unique air of openness.

French Doors and WindowsNumber 1: Improved Security

Most people who are considering French doors and windows are concerned about security. With those open panes of glass, someone could break in and they’re easy to see through. Today’s door manufacturers go to great lengths to engineer solid wood or metal doors that are difficult to break down. The glass is often reinforced as well. If you’re concerned about transparency, then install cute blinds or curtains. This can add an additional design element and provide privacy.

Number 2: Easy to Use in Room Designs

With French doors and windows, it’s very easy to incorporate a lovely fabric curtain or wood blind to match your room’s accessories. Imagine brightly colored throw pillows with hints of orange and red. Hang a lovely pale yellow sheer curtain over the French doors and windows to blend in.

Number 3: Opens Up a Space

French doors and windows can make even a small room seem larger. If you have a small office area that feels cramped, using French doors and windows will give the space the appearance of openness.

Number 4: Add Luxury

If you have a room or area that looks tired and worn out then add a fresh coat of paint and some French doors and windows to give it a new vibe. This is an economical way to liven up any room, even your office at work.

Number 5: Many Design Selections

Today’s French doors and windows come in a wide range of hardwoods like Brazilian cherry, Maple, and White Oak. You can also use colorful tints for the glass panes. There is an endless list of great choices that will give you a custom look and feel.

For over 15 years No Limit Glass has served the South Florida area with excellent products and services. We are an experienced and licensed glass contractor, window and door specialist and have worked on many familiar buildings around the West Palm Beach area. Call today about installing beautiful custom French doors and windows in your home or office.

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Why Use Glass Windows for Your Showroom?

Simply by design, showroom glass windows should show off your products. This is the major method used by top retailers to showcase their very best and it’s been used by stores and businesses for years. Imagine going through the mall and not being able to see a sampling of what’s in each store. The best part of mall shopping is being able to window-shop.

A beautiful display incased in glass is the major method used by most jewelry stores as well. We can all remember a lovely ring, bracelet, watch or necklace we saw in a jewelry store window that we longed to have. With price tags turned so you can’t view them, window shoppers must go inside to ask about price and many sales are made this way.

Glass Windows

Create Visual Appeal

At No Limit Glass we specialize in high-end glass windows for your store. Today’s manufacturers offer more choices when it comes to functionality, security and visual appeal.  You’ll find safety glass, Plexiglas and insulated glass, along with many glass tinting choices. Most businesses today appreciate the value of glass storefront windows.

Increase Foot Traffic

From your favorite fast-food place to the ice cream shop, glass windows for a storefront are almost a must-have these days. They increase foot traffic and give a retail business the opportunity to show off their goods and services.  Shoppers just automatically gravitate to places with a flashy showroom window display.

Great Curb Appeal

No Limit Glass has been fortunate enough to work on many well-known businesses all over south Florida. We’ve become experts at helping you choose the right products for your company and installing them. From hospitals to restaurants, showroom windows have become a highly desirable way to draw customers inside and improve the curb appeal of any store.  Add a few shrubs and flowers and your company is suddenly the most attractive on the block.

Both on the exterior and interior of your business, there are countless ways to show off your products.  Today’s storefront windows are designed and fabricated for years of excellent use and No Limit Glass is a pro when it comes to installation. Our prices are very competitive and we represent most of the industry’s major glass manufacturers.

Upgrade Storefront Windows

High impact glass can be tinted to reduce glare and UV exposure, protecting your products from being affected by the light. Call No Limit Glass today to install or upgrade your showroom windows.

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